01 Nov

Welcome to our New Website

Welcome to the new website for Edition 2 of Software Systems Architecture!

Edition 2 was published in November 2011 and is a major revision of the original book. We have updated most of the chapters and added over 130 pages of additional content. The most important changes in this edition are as follows.

  • We have introduced a new viewpoint, which we call the Context viewpoint. This describes the relationships, dependencies, and interactions between the system and its environment (the people, systems, and external entities with which it interacts). It extends, formalizes, and standardizes the relatively brief discussion of scope and context that used to be in Chapter 8.

  • We have expanded the discussion of different aspects of the role of architecture in Part II.

  • We have revised most of the viewpoint and perspective definitions, particularly the Functional and Concurrency views and the Performance and Scalability perspective.

  • We have revised and extended the Bibliography and the Further Reading sections in most chapters.

  • We have updated the book to align with the concepts and terminology in the new international architecture standard ISO 42010 (which derives from IEEE Standard 1471).

  • We have updated our UML modeling advice and examples to reflect the changes introduced in version 2 of UML.