24 Mar

First UK Review of Edition 2 gets 10 stars!

We’ve had our first UK review of Edition 2, which you can find here.

The reviewer gives us 10/10, saying that we “provide a thorough yet concise discussion of the principles underlying their subject, often with reference to original sources, coupled with a pragmatic discussion of the application of their ideas, clearly based on a great depth of experience.”

He adds that the book is “well written, with a readable yet authoritative style, so that even material on familiar topics is enjoyable to read. It is a mark of the authors’ clarity of thought and expression that they have represented the relationships between core concepts as simple UML diagrams, which provide a clear and concise overview of some of the key ideas.”

He recommends it for practicing or aspiring IT architects, who will “find in this book much pragmatic, actionable advice on the production of effective architectural descriptions, all of which is backed by a clear and readable account of the more fundamental ideas upon which that advice is based.”

Incidentally, our current tally of five-star reviews at Amazon.com is 22 out of 25!