09 Mar

Back Story

I’ve just come out of a fairly long period of poor health due to back problems. After two prolapsed discs, three rounds of spinal injections and about four hundredweight of prescription painkillers, I hope to be a little more active on the site from now on.
This has been a painful illustration of the effect that a sedentary lifestyle (regular swimming doesn’t really help) has had on the state of my spine. I’ve had occasional mild back pain for years, and my physio tells me that if I’d dealt with it when it first appeared I would have avoided the agonising spasm that my lumbar spine went into (twice) last September, and the neck problems I’ve had since Christmas.
I’m finally back at work now, and as you’ll see Eoin and I are collaborating on a couple of things over the coming months. I’ll also be discussing some architectural initiatives I’m involved in (or leading) at work. Watch this space!